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There is something for everyone here at All About Omaha. Here are just a few things that AAO has to offer:

New Places

AAO helps members broaden their horizons by planning and attending a variety of events from one end of the city to the other. We’ll keep you up to date on a variety of events from art to theater, new restaurants & bars throughout monthly happy hours, sporting events etc. There are new things happening all the time and we will keep you updated on them!


New Faces

AAO is the perfect organization for those looking to network personally and professionally. Our membership base is comprised of young professionals in a wide array of fields who like yourself, are eager to see and learn more. 




AAO offers members access to Omaha’s leaders and professional development programs or opportunities. From congressional debates, to intimate leadership lunch & learns to forums with local leaders on economic development, AAO will bring it to you. 



Omaha is a thriving community and there are hundreds of organizations in need of volunteers. AAO provides many unique opportunities for you to give back. All the planning and arrangements will have been made and all you need to do is show up! Whether we’re cleaning up the local parks or river banks, taking underprivileged children to the pumpkin patch or organizing a major gala for a local charity- we’re visible and lending a hand. Giving back to the community makes it a more viable and enjoyable place for all of us.

Wondering what we’ve been up to? Click here to see outside events that AAO encourages members to attend and other news about AAO.

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