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About AAO

All About Omaha is a local, non-profit organization comprised of young professionals ages 21-40 who are looking to get involved both civically and socially and enjoy all Omaha has to offer.

Our mission is simple; we want you to get involved! Omaha is an ever-growing, ever-changing city that continues to thrive thanks to the generous spirit of those who actively work to better our community. We work strive to create events and opportunities that allow members to network and make a difference. We focus primarily on Omaha awareness, community involvement and leadership development and we think you’ll find just about anything can fall into those categories.

We welcome natives, newcomers, and those returning home to come see what All About Omaha is all about!

Our Roots 

Dana Cohn, a twenty-something native of Omaha and founder of AAO, noticed upon her return home from college that many of her friends had moved away. Perplexed as to why so few young professionals chose to stay in Omaha, she saw the need to create an organization that ultimately, would keep young professionals here. Dana recognized a void in organizations offering outlets and involvement for this age demographic both socially and civically. In September of 1998, she and a number of friends gathered to develop the mission and bylaws of a fledgling idea called All About Omaha. The goal was to incorporate a broad base of community components and appeal to as many people in their 20s and 30s as possible. In March of 1999, All About Omaha officially received 501(c)(3) status and began work on their vision. Since that time, AAO has recruited hundreds of members, in-kind and corporate partnerships, as well as a visible identity in the community. In fact, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce has touted AAO as “the single leading initiative aimed at keeping young people engaged and participating in the community”.

Get Involved

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